Experienced Commercial Roofers Serving Fort Worth, TX and the Surrounding Areas

As a business owner in Fort Worth, TX, the last thing you want to worry about is calling for roof repair service after every storm. If the time has come to replace the roof of your commercial building, team up with the most knowledgeable contractors around-call Compass Roofing today! 

We’ll start by carefully assessing the damage, then determine the ideal roofing material for your building. Our commercial roofers will work quickly and efficiently to complete your installation in a timely manner, with minimal disruption to your business’s operations.

We Specialize in Flat Roof Replacement

Flat rubber roofing is an excellent solution for many commercial buildings. Rubber roofs are highly weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and can even provide extra storage space for large equipment such as heating and cooling units.

Here at Compass Roofing, we specialize in flat roof replacement and can ensure that your new roof will remain strong and durable for years to come. We primarily work with EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) roofing, a resilient and eco-friendly material that can help your business save on heating and cooling costs. Get in touch today to learn more!

Team Up with the Most Knowledgeable Commercial Roofers in the Fort Worth Area

With over 12 years of experience installing and replacing all types of commercial roofs, our contractors are among the most trusted and knowledgeable in the Fort Worth, TX area. Wondering whether you need a roof replacement? Contact us today to schedule a free infrared inspection.

Our services are available in the following areas: 

  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Arlington, TX
  • Keller, TX
  • Plano, TX
  • …and throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex!

We Offer Service to Various Commercial Clients

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$500 Value

Free 1st Leak Repair
for Commercial Clients

We offer free infrared roof inspections!
Get fast, accurate damage detection and a thorough analysis.

What our clients are saying

  • kenhankins1 Avatar
    - Google

    They showed up on time did a great job and... read more

    Joseph Brown Avatar
    Joseph Brown
    - Google

    Very professional and showed they have values regarding quality. ... read more

    robert ynostrosa Avatar
    robert ynostrosa
    - Google

    My experience was excellent! Mark worked with my insurance inspector.... read more

    Barry Irvin Avatar
    Barry Irvin
    - Google

    Had communication issues that were resolved .Looking forward to them... read more

  • Desiree Ege Avatar
    Desiree Ege
    - Google

    Good company

    Gustavo Llorente Avatar
    Gustavo Llorente
    - Google

    Great people

    Ralph R Avatar
    Ralph R
    - Google

    It's amazing how Compass Roofing made my aunt's roof look... read more

    Rodride Creer Avatar
    Rodride Creer
    - Google

    Highly recommend

  • Barry Glazer Avatar
    Barry Glazer
    - Google

    All good & positive

    Maria Green Avatar
    Maria Green
    - Google

    Long standing, great company.

    Hani Iskandarani Avatar
    Hani Iskandarani
    - Google

    Highly recommend

    Mary Gana Avatar
    Mary Gana
    - Google

    good company and excellent services

  • M B Avatar
    M B
    - Google

    This is an outstanding company!With storms on the way, Mark... read more

    Sha Ron Avatar
    Sha Ron
    - Google

    They made sure we are happy with their job.

    Maria Cahill Avatar
    Maria Cahill
    - Google

    The crews have provided excellent customer service to our company.

    Larry Wetzel Avatar
    Larry Wetzel
    - Google

    Good company

  • Rich Rhea Avatar
    Rich Rhea
    - Google

    My friends used this company and they were very happy... read more

    Arthur Llaga Avatar
    Arthur Llaga
    - Google

    Very reputable great guys. They also did my friend's roof.... read more

    Bambie Martinez Avatar
    Bambie Martinez
    - Google

    Highly recommended and very professional.

    Teri Knapp Avatar
    Teri Knapp
    - Google

    Mark Flanagan was awesome through the whole procedure. Our insurance... read more

  • Gary Jozens Avatar
    Gary Jozens
    - Google

    I visited my friend after he had his roof gutters... read more

    Carlos Clarin Avatar
    Carlos Clarin
    - Google

    Went on vacation at my cousin’s place in Texas right... read more

    ME Avatar
    - Google

    Was recommended by family and friends. Great service. Highly recommended

    Ricardo De Leon Avatar
    Ricardo De Leon
    - Google

    My friend met these people while in Texas and referred... read more

  • dave morgan Avatar
    dave morgan
    - Google

    Highly recommended by a friend

    Maria Corley Avatar
    Maria Corley
    - Google

    Their Awesome for everything,I liked doing business with you guys,thanks... read more

    Rich Rhea Avatar
    Rich Rhea
    - Google

    They installed my friend’s roof, good service and great company.... read more

    L R Avatar
    L R
    - Google

    They did my friend Mother's roof while I was in... read more

  • Ihab Zaki Avatar
    Ihab Zaki
    - Google

    Robert very helpful ,making sure that everything good and quick... read more

    Brett Bridges Avatar
    Brett Bridges
    - Google

    Very reputable company, I was very impressed with their great... read more

    RL R Avatar
    RL R
    - Google

    They did my friend's roof and I admired their great... read more

    Abdullah Jawas Avatar
    Abdullah Jawas
    - Google

    Good company and good people

  • Kendy Barker Avatar
    Kendy Barker
    - Google

    Friendly and professional people. Took care of everything for... read more

    名無しの権兵衛 Avatar
    - Google

    Great Company and Great Service❤️ 😍

    Aashis Karki Avatar
    Aashis Karki
    - Google

    I had the pleasure of working with Mark from Compass... read more

    Sheldon Serratt Avatar
    Sheldon Serratt
    - Google

    Great Job!!!Helped me with insurance claim.And great service!

  • Duke Cruthis Avatar
    Duke Cruthis
    - Google

    Replaced my skylight. Great service and work. Will... read more

    Pattie Burch Avatar
    Pattie Burch
    - Google

    great group of guys . Known them for years!!

    Cami Fausett Avatar
    Cami Fausett
    - Google

    This company is seriously top notch. Every single person we... read more

    Lynn Radocich Avatar
    Lynn Radocich
    - Google

    Great company. Great people! Highly recommend calling Mark Flanagan with... read more

  • Fred Lease Avatar
    Fred Lease
    - Google

    Red metal roof. Compass put a red metal roof on... read more

    Crystal Perkins Avatar
    Crystal Perkins
    - Google

    Randall Duff did a fantastic job. I would absolutely recommend... read more

    Michael Chapman Avatar
    Michael Chapman
    - Google

    Mark made this experience stress free and is a true... read more

    Vickie Utley Avatar
    Vickie Utley
    - Google

    They worked well with my insurance and made the process seamless

  • Happy Modisette Avatar
    Happy Modisette
    - Google

    Great people

    Jake Wertz Avatar
    Jake Wertz
    - Google

    Robert was great to work with. Compass Roofing not only... read more

    Jennifer Wise Avatar
    Jennifer Wise
    - Google

    The service we received from Compass roofing was above and... read more

    Granbury Door and Window Avatar
    Granbury Door and Window
    - Google

    We love working with Compass Roofing!! Don't hesitate to give... read more

  • Gavin Leeth Avatar
    Gavin Leeth
    - Google

    Love their work! Have had no issues with my roof... read more

    Glenda MacPherson Avatar
    Glenda MacPherson
    - Google

    This company did a great job of us. Very... read more

    Danita Callahan Avatar
    Danita Callahan
    - Google

    This is by far the best company to have repair... read more

    jo jo Avatar
    jo jo
    - Google

    Sonny with Compass Roofing & Construction is always available to... read more

  • Alfred Levy Avatar
    Alfred Levy
    - Google

    Abslutely superior installation and even better service. Mark Flanagin... read more

    Alfred Morse Avatar
    Alfred Morse
    - Google

    Heh Guy's, It's been a great experience working with Sonny... read more

    charles riffe Avatar
    charles riffe
    - Google

    Mark flanigan was very helpful with my roofing problems ,good company!

    Shelby Bieligk Avatar
    Shelby Bieligk
    - Google

    I had the pleasure of working with this company for... read more

  • Lea Anderson Avatar
    Lea Anderson
    - Google

    Mark is one of the best! You can count on... read more

    Jennifer Carlisle Avatar
    Jennifer Carlisle
    - Google

    Mark has always been professional and thorough. He took... read more

    Matthew Terrell Avatar
    Matthew Terrell
    - Google

    Carey at Compass was very professional in taking care of... read more

    Tracy Hensley Avatar
    Tracy Hensley
    - Google

    My husband, Steve, just started working for this company. ... read more

  • Ron Hill Avatar
    Ron Hill
    - Google

    This company is great. They are very professional. Great service.... read more

    Brittany Hensley Avatar
    Brittany Hensley
    - Google

    I've been knowing Stephen Hensley for 10 years now and... read more

    Shelley Glubke Avatar
    Shelley Glubke
    - Google

    Great Company. Great People.

    Drew Grace Avatar
    Drew Grace
    - Google

    Steven Hensley has the rare combination of skill and care... read more

  • Misha Guzman Avatar
    Misha Guzman
    - Google

    Mark and his workers were very professional completing our roof... read more

    Al Blackwell Avatar
    Al Blackwell
    - Google

    Carey At Compass was extremely helpful managing the roofing and... read more

    Daniel Hensley Avatar
    Daniel Hensley
    - Google


    Duane Rogers Avatar
    Duane Rogers
    - Google

    Great company in a field that is hard to find... read more

  • Michelle Franco Avatar
    Michelle Franco
    - Google

    Compass does great quality work. Very impressed with their... read more

    Brenda Zotz Avatar
    Brenda Zotz
    - Google

    Amazing work by a great company! Would definitely recommend to... read more

    Elizabeth Hensley Avatar
    Elizabeth Hensley
    - Google

    Solid Company that takes care of their customers. Trustworthy... read more

    nikki Hill Avatar
    nikki Hill
    - Google

    This company is fantastic, I hope you have the opportunity... read more

  • Eva Valdez Avatar
    Eva Valdez
    - Google

    Great company and Mr. Steve Hensley is one of the... read more

    Shane Mackey Avatar
    Shane Mackey
    - Google

    I have known Steven for over 30 years and I... read more

    Mark Mandy Franco Avatar
    Mark Mandy Franco
    - Google

    Sonny and his team are always very responsive and they... read more

    Tom Hinkelman Avatar
    Tom Hinkelman
    - Google

    An EF1 tornado resulted in minimal damage to our home... read more

  • The Crider Five Avatar
    The Crider Five
    - Google

    Amazing customer service and professionalism. Sonny is outstanding with communicating... read more

    Nathan Griepp Avatar
    Nathan Griepp
    - Google

    Solid experience throughout the process.

    Lucy Ordonez Avatar
    Lucy Ordonez
    - Google

    Compass Roofing is awesome. Rob and his staff were... read more

    Tamara Howard Avatar
    Tamara Howard
    - Google

    I have had an awesome experience with this company very... read more

  • Aaron Tyler Avatar
    Aaron Tyler
    - Google

    This is a great company with tons of support. Honest... read more

    Tommy Young Avatar
    Tommy Young
    - Google

    Steve Hensley is why I will do future business on... read more

    The Real Patron Avatar
    The Real Patron
    - Google

    I've been knowing the gentlemen at Compass for years now.... read more

    Scott Head Avatar
    Scott Head
    - Google

    Great experience from start to finish. My insurance company... read more

  • Diana Goytia Avatar
    Diana Goytia
    - Google

    We dealt with Mark Flanagan, he was absolutely amazing. Very... read more

    Chris McCurdy Avatar
    Chris McCurdy
    - Google

    Excellent customer service and great communication to complete work. ... read more

    Davie Sosa Avatar
    Davie Sosa
    - Google

    Sonny is the best!!

    Paul Richard Remodeling Avatar
    Paul Richard Remodeling
    - Google

    The guys at Compass roofing and construction are class acts.... read more

  • Pamela Hensley Avatar
    Pamela Hensley
    - Google

    Great company and Mr. Hensley is a man of his word.

    alisha gammon Avatar
    alisha gammon
    - Google

    Super quick to respond and get me on the schedule.... read more

    Raymond Aranda Avatar
    Raymond Aranda
    - Google

    Compass Roofing did a fantastic job installing our new roof.... read more

    Flowermound Thrift Avatar
    Flowermound Thrift
    - Google

    Awesome Work!

  • Damon Belding Avatar
    Damon Belding
    - Google

    Crew was completely professional and much so that neighbors... read more

    Timothy Hawkins Avatar
    Timothy Hawkins
    - Google

    Carey and his personall were very enjoyable to work with... read more

    Tyler Tillerson Avatar
    Tyler Tillerson
    - Google

    We used Carey and his team at Compass Roofing through... read more

    Natalie Barringer Avatar
    Natalie Barringer
    - Google

    I highly recommend this Company and also give high recommendations... read more

  • Allen Burch Avatar
    Allen Burch
    - Google

    Great bunch of guys great experience

    Linda Uribe Realtor Avatar
    Linda Uribe Realtor
    - Google

    Great company and customer service !

    Steve Richter Avatar
    Steve Richter
    - Google

    Steve Hensley had great service, Great Company to work with.

    Zion Aranda Avatar
    Zion Aranda
    - Google

    Highly recommended, best service, incredible and Rob & Sonny are... read more

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